the order of things 

interactive multi media (2013)

People instinctively seek to order the world which surrounds them. In that ordering, the binary is the path of least resistance in thinking and language: right/wrong, black/white, boy/girl. At birth, one is given an identity that shapes and informs the rest of one’s life. Sex and gender are classified into two distinct, opposite and disconnected forms of masculine and feminine. The transgender do not reside neatly or permanently in this binary. The changes they undergo emphasize how gender is, in fact, a continuum. Having moved along this continuum, transgender people are in a privileged position to understand aspects of the gendered world that most do not.

This  installation explores the relations between gender, identity and society using the observations by and lived experience of a diverse group of transgender individuals. Reframing the image as an encounter with the viewer, the work challenges us to consider that the ways in which we do not understand are as important as the ways we do. 


Happy Birthday Tammy Moone 

70 minutes (2017)

A happy go lucky closeted transwoman comes out publicly with the guidance of a friend who was herself forsaken by family and church for being trans. When all goes improbably smoothly, their relationship is tested in a moving chronicle of the curious nature of identity, great friendship, deep despair, suicidal impulse and the power of love.

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